Friday, October 30, 2009

The house has walls!!

Last weekend we went out and it's looking like a real house now! They will start tiling in 2-3 weeks. Pics...

Brynn's Room:

Hallway between bedrooms looking into WC:

Bathtub all waterproofed:

Main Bathroom waterproofed:

Family and Dining Rooms:


Dining Room:

Rumpus Room:

Ensuite Shower:

Bed 1:

Entry hallway:


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bath, cleaned bricks, power, plumbing, it's all happening!

Went to visit the house today and the bricks have been cleaned, the electrical work is progressing, plumbing is all there and they are starting on the plasterboard, it's all in the house waiting to go up, and have started in the garage. We also have a bath! Rendering will start next week.

Clean bricks, stacking sliders:
The bathtub:

Plumbing in the laundry

Looking from the rumpus out what will be double sliding doors, into the study:


Sliding door into the ensuite:

The roof inside, electrical:

Clean bricks, garage. Poles still need to be cleaned:

The start of plasterboard in the garage:

Clean bricks, alfresco and back of house:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We have a beautiful colorbond roof!!

Photo fest ahead!!
Front of house

Front of house again

Side of house with the completed roof

Alfresco area

Alfresco area and where deck will go on side of the house, and smiling daughter!

Stacking sliders that will lead out to the deck

Looking outside from Bed 1, the deck will start here

Family Room


Dining Room

Rumpus Room

Bed 1

The roof from the inside

Rendered feature wall